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Essential Skills and Knowledge

Foundation Dementia Awareness

Everything you always wanted to know about dementia but were afraid to ask

How long is the session? 3 hours including a break

Who is it for?  Everyone. Including caregivers and anyone who is worried about their own memory. We encourage family carers who are going to do the Essential Skills and Knowledge course to start with this course if possible.

Is it suitable for children?  There is no lower age limit for participants.  It depends on the interest and concentration powers of the child. There is nothing in the material or methods which is unsuitable. The youngest attendee on a DESK programme was a babe in arms!

Is it suitable for schools?  Yes. However, if there is a young person’s group or school group who wish to book a Foundation Awareness Session, there are specific materials for use in educational settings. Please enquire.

What is the content for the course?  What are the myths and facts around dementia as far as science can tell us. What is cognitive impairment, normal memory loss in aging and a dementia. What is the diagnostic process? How can I support someone to live well with their dementia? There is plenty of time for Questions and Answers.

What happens in a session? The session normally starts with a quick friendly get to know you activity, followed by a quiz and an interactive lecture. In the second half you are encouraged to take part in some activities which memorably illustrate the key ideas in supporting someone with a dementia.

What size does a group need to be to book a session? A minimum of 8 participants up to 30.

We can run a closed course anywhere with a minimum of 8 participants – for a customer facing company, church, your local WI group or a family circle.

None of the advertised courses are convenient for me.

If you do not see a convenient place or time advertised here, please enquire anyway.  We will try to add courses where there is an expressed demand. Please get in contact with your postcode.

How much is the course? £30 per person. Group rates are negotiable.