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Essential Skills and Knowledge

Why Dementia Counselling?

If you or your spouse or family are affected by dementia – whether diagnosed or not – you may need to talk about your feelings in confidence.

Do you have a diagnosis of dementia? Do you want to understand and manage your own condition better?

Is Dementia Counselling right for me?

  • I find myself changing and I want to make sense of what is happening.
  • This problem has stirred up things from the past and I’d like to talk about these in confidence.
  • It’s hard to be a carer and still be there for my family and friends. I’d like to let off steam.
  • I’m someone who has always coped, but now I’m finding things are getting out of control.
  • I’m feeling that this situation is really getting me down.
  • I have some tough decisions to make and would like to consider my options.

How is the counselling conducted?

  • One-to-one with Catharine Arakelian
  • You choose what to talk about
  • 50 minute sessions
  • Sessions can be weekly, occasional or more frequent – you are in charge of the frequency.
  • Telephone and skype sessions
  • Couples sessions
  • Family sessions
  • Person-centred humanistic counselling approach

Confidentiality and Code of Ethics

About Catharine

Contact Catharine by email or by phone 01865 372122